Readings will be updated throughout the semester, so please check this page frequently for updates.

Reading Key:

PDF version of the syllabus available here.

Class Date Day Topic Reading Homework Project Milestones
1 Mon 9-Jan Introduction
2 Wed 11-Jan Overview to DV Heer et al. 2011 HW1: Survey
3 Mon 16-Jan No class
4 Wed 18-Jan Data and Tables HW2: DV Examples
5 Mon 23-Jan Graphs and Charts  Few 2005
6 Wed 25-Jan Multi/Hypervariate Data Watch Tableau Tutorial Videos
(Getting Started + Connecting to Data)
PM1: Elevator Pitch
7 Mon 30-Jan Visual Perception Stone 2006 Choosing Colors HW3: Multivariate
8 Wed 1-Feb Temporal & Sequential Data PM2: Teams
9 Mon 6-Feb Project HW4: Timeline
10 Wed 8-Feb Graph & Network Data Manuel Lima, TED Talk PM3: Description
11 Mon 13-Feb Hierarchies & Trees HW5: Network
12 Wed 15-Feb Exam 1  Preview Slides
13 Mon 20-Feb Text and Documents PM4: Data
14 Wed 22-Feb DV and Movies (The Oscars Session)
15 Mon 27-Feb Interaction Interactions for Visual Analysis HW6: Text
16 Wed 1-Mar Storytelling  Kosara and MacKinlay 2013
17 Mon 6-Mar Tutorial Session* PM5: Designs
18 Wed 8-Mar Guest: JuiceAnalytics
19 Mon 13-Mar Tutorial Session* PM6: Peer Evaluation
20 Wed 15-Mar Exam 2
21 Mon 20-Mar No class
22 Wed 22-Mar No class
23 Mon 27-Mar Design Principles
24 Wed 29-Mar Geospatial Data (Guest Lecture: Alex Godwin) PM7: Status
25 Mon 3-Apr Evaluation
26 Wed 5-Apr Guest: Twitter
27 Mon 10-Apr Visualization Systems & Toolkits PM8: Status
28 Wed 12-Apr Visual Analytics  Thomas 2005: Illuminating the Path
29 Mon 17-Apr Final Project Presentation I PM9: Demo
30 Wed 19-Apr Final Project Presentation II
31 Mon 24-Apr Final Project Presentation III HW7: Storytelling*

HW8: Geospatial*

32 Mon 1-May Exam (Video Presentations) 1130am-220pm PM10: Video + Peer Evaluation