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January 18
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April 24
April 24

Homework 1: Survey

Due January 11
-1% if not complete


Complete the background survey. 

Homework 2: DataVis Examples

Due January 18


Find two visualizations of data from one of the suggested project domains. They can be information presentations (static) or information visualizations (interactive). For each visualization, do a one page write-up. Each page should have the visualization (about half the page) and then:

  1. What message(s) the visualization is intend to convey.
  2. A critique of the visualization – list both pros and cons – ways in which the visualization does a good job, ways in which it could be improved.

I will ask some of you to show your visualization and share your pros and cons with the class.

Think of this assignment as a first step in identifying a potential project, which is why I suggest that you be interested in the type of data being portrayed.

Submit on T-Square AND bring two (2) hard copies to class.


Homework 3: Multivariate

Due January 30


Download the .csv data file (sp500.csv) from T-Square. The file contains categorical and financial information of S&P500 companies.

  • Import data into Tableau Software.
  • Explore the data.
  • Finally prepare report:
    • Generate any four (4) plots of interest
    • Define what you encoded and why
    • Describe your key findings

Submit report on T-Square AND bring two (2) hard copies to class.


Homework 4: Timeline

Due February 6


Convert your professional CV/Resume into a Visualization

  • Consider Events of Interest (Education, Certification/Courses, Employment, etc.). Make sure to include at least 4 categories and multiple events for each.
  • Include both Discrete and Continuous Events
  • Please be as detailed as you can be (you may exclude events that are personal and that you don’t want to share with others)
  • Create a visual timeline dashboard of your CV.

Option 1: You may sketch your timeline (which may allow you to be really creative)

Option 2: Implement the visual timeline in Tableau (I realize there are limitations, but be as creative as you can be).

Submit report on T-Square AND bring two (2) hard copies to class.


Homework 5: Network

Due February 13


Which Tech Giant Poaches The Most Employees?

  • Convert the Infographic of Companies and their Poaching Strategies into a network visualization using Gephi (or any other graph visualization tool).
  • Encode the data provided in the infographic into your network visualization. Consider what variables you want to encode and how (node size/color, edge thickness/color).
  • Experiment with the built-in layouts to find one that you find most compelling.
  • Export an image of your network visualization.
  • Make sure your nodes are labeled and that you provide a color legend.
  • In your “report” describe what insight(s) does the network visualization provide that the infographic does not?

Submit report on T-Square AND bring two (2) hard copies to class.


Homework 6: Text

Due February 27


The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with further experience in analyzing and understanding multivariate datasets. The particular focus of this HW is a dataset that is rich with textual data. It is a document collection that consists of a set of reviews of a Samsung TV from The dataset is on T-Square.

  •  First, think about the kind of information you would want to learn from this data. Put yourself in the shoes of a consumer. What things about the product would you want to know. Push past the simple “Is it a good product?” question.
  • Next, design a visualization of the dataset that you feel would help a person learn about the product and understand the issues identified earlier. Think especially hard about visualizing aspects of the dataset that would be difficult to extract from simple search queries against it. Sketch your visualization on paper. I’m not looking for a working system here or even a detailed representation where all the actual data values are shown. Just do a conceptual design that shows what your visualization would look like if it was being applied on the data set in general. Try not to simply replicate some well-known datavis technique, however. Be effective, but also try to be creative. I will reward creative ideas. Also, don’t forget the interaction! A static piece of paper does not do justice to an interactive visualization, so you likely will need to explain how the viewer would interact with and update the display.
  • Deliverable: Draw/sketch/show your design on a piece of paper or a few pages (don’t go overboard). Feel free to annotate the sketch with small comments or captions to explain what it is and how it would work. On a separate page, explain your visualization design in a paragraph or two, how it would start, what the interaction would be, etc.

Submit report on T-Square AND bring two (2) hard copies to class.

Note: We will primarily rate the quality of your design. Here, we are looking especially for utility, and we’ll add on a bit of creativity assessment too. Would the visualization effectively facilitate people exploring the different televisions in order to make a purchase decision? We also will examine how clearly and effectively you explain your design. Remember that communicating one’s work is almost as important as the work itself. (We do realize that people have differing levels of design ability and experience. Do your best — Try to apply the design principles that we have been learning in class.) The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with experience in the analysis of text-centric data like this and the design of visualizations to present the data.

Homework 7: Storytelling

Due April 24
EC: 4%


Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 is a well-documented case of bad product management. While there is no official HBR case study, there are a lot of insights that you can gain from SEC filings, financial data, commentary, industry reports, and news articles. This is an open ended case study that I would like you to turn into a data-driven visual story. I have provided some sample data links, but please be creative. Find data sources relevant to tell your story. Implement your data into Tableau and deliver a full story.

Possible Data Sources:

  • Popular Science Article:
  • SEC Filings:
  • Samsung Background:
  • Samsung Crisis Management:

Submit your Tableau workbook on T-Square.

Homework 8: Geospatial

Due April 24
EC: 4%


The World Intellectual Property Organization ( maintains a rich collection of data on patents, copyrights, and trademarks (see Source Link below). Please retrieve relevant WIPO data on the Top 10 most innovative countries, according to the Bloomberg Innovation Index ( and provide a global perspective of these countries using WIPO data. Visualize your results in Tableau with at least one geospatial representation.

Submit your Tableau workbook on T-Square.